Vårt vackra universum #13

NASA/Hubble ST - The Sleeping Beauty/M64

You are seeing the result of two galaxies colliding about a billion years ago.  The center, where you see white blaze, is rotating clockwise.  In the outer portion of the galaxy you see this black, gaseous area.  This area is rotating counter-clockwise.  Now, where the two regions meet, the “shear”, there is this incredible explosion of new, hot, blue stars.  That’s the result of the tremendous forces involved pushing and moving against each other.  Around those gorgeous blue stars, you’ll see pink emission nebulae.  This is where the light from the stars is shining into the interstellar gasses and dust, and reflecting this glorious pink color (which our Hubble picked up).


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  • Sabina

    Jag undrar hur det låter när det smäller. Jag vet att det inte k a n låta men jag kan ändå inte föreställa mig hur något sådant skulle kunna hända utan att det hörs.

  • http://philipwildenstam.se/ Wildenstam

    Fascinerande föreläsning om universums ljudbild: http://www.ted.com/talks/view/lang/eng//id/1095